Providence's Torment

A Play of Darkness and Light

Session 7

Taithday, 14th Rainfall 1345 AF

Their hearts still pumping from the adrenaline the party began to slowly recover from the gruelling fight. They began resting, cutting up the dragon for its parts and looting its hoard.

Worsday, 15th Rainfall 1345 AF

The process of looting took them well into the night, and got even interrupted by a group of lizardmen and a pack of kobolds. One of the lizardmen, clad in flowing tattered robes and holding an old wooden twisted staff, stepped forward. The lizardmen proposed a deal. The party had slain the reason for their presence, and would thus like to return to the swamp and not further bother the city. As a sign of good faith, they released their last prisoner, Marek, a purveyor of exotic goods.

The party agreed to the deal and finished their rest. By the time they were ready to continue the kobolds and lizardmen had already left. Exploring the cave further they found an old stone circle with one center stone, and 8 surrounding stones. The stones were human-sized menhirs. Some had holes in them and the stone in the middle had text written on both sides:

"In darkness, there is nothing. In shadow, it is hidden. In time forgotten. In light, it is revealed."

"In light, there is knowledge. In shadow, there is control. In time forgotten. In darkness, there is ignorance."

Puzzling over the meaning of the words and the magical properties of the stone circle the party managed, with clever use of light and darkness, to open a portal which immediately swallowed Yoralia. Winter followed shortly afterwards. Both of them appeared in a black and gray parallel world which seemed to copy the real world. It was not an identical copy however. Some terrain features were different. The parallel world for instance only had one menhir instead of a circle. That stone had no text, but a small circular hole. Yoralia's amulet perfectly fit the whole and opened a portal back to the real world.

Still wounded and exhausted from their fight with the dragon, the party decided to leave the exploration of that parallel world for another day and travelled back to town, arriving in the early morning.


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