Providence's Torment

Abyss Unleashed

Session 4

Tiemsday, 10th Rainfall 1345 AF

Back in Stormcliff, the party did not know if the necromancer was still in the city as Mialee's magic had faded by now. They set out to investigate anyway, in the hope that his wounds kept him from leaving. The party's inital efforts were focussed on Regent Rock, the noble district of Stormcliff. Using Winter's and Mialee's noble heritage and Yoralia's and Draenir's illicit expertise, the party forged a document which was sure to get them onto Regent Rock. However, their plans were foiled by a very keen eyed guard.

While wandering the markets after their initial setback, they picked up a few stories of what had happened while they were gone. Two things caught their interest: A commotion in the Compendium Arcanum guild hall, and a further citizen disappearing in the harbor at night.

Hildo Growes, a contact Draenir had before coming to Stormcliff could corroborate these events. He added though, that while the Compendium claimed the commotion to have been a mishap of an arcane experiment, he did not believe them. According to his sources there was a man running out of the guild hall during the night, shortly after the commotion.

Yoralia and Mialee could later confirm that story while talking to Mesim, inside the public library of the Compendium Arcanum guild hall. All the while, Draenir was keeping watch outside the guild hall for any suspicious activity.

Winter befriended a dockworker, named Khori in a local tavern, getting some more information about the disappearance in the harbor and about an elderly couple, who had recently taken a wounded Elf into their care.

Draenir noticed an Elf coming from the harbor district, looking a bit out of place among the more sturdy dockworkers that usually pass by. He decided to keep an eye on the Elf and started to tail him through the city to the house of an elderly couple.

After the party joined up again and exchanging information they decided to take a closer look at the Elf. Their plan was for Winter and Mialee to disguise themselves to avoid being recognised and approach the house, while Draenir and Yoralia were to hide next to the window and be ready in case anything went wrong. And something did go wrong. While walking to the door to open for Winter, the elf spotted Draenir through the window, recognized him and immediately bolted for a side room. At least, the party were now quite confident that th elf was in fact the necromancer they were seeking.

Yoralia took the initiative and immediately teleported into the room after the Elf, only to see he had taken the old lady as a hostage and held a dagger to her throat. Magical runes were glowing across her forehead. The party, not in the mood to negotiate, attacked. The necromancer, however, was ready and slit the lady's throat. An explosion of arcane energy blew the house to pieces. Rather than crashing into adjacent houses, the flying debris was held aloft in mid air by a magical force, and where once stood the old lady there was now a red swirling portal. It did not take long for demons to start coming through the portal. One of them grabbed the necromancer and threw him into the portal. After a hard fought battle the party managed to defeat the demons and close the portal.

Fensday, 11th Rainfall 1345 AF

The following day, the party met with Gorun and Melron, the Arcanist of the local Compendium Arcanum guild hall. Their initial reaction was one of shock and surprise as Melron looked exactly like the necromancer they fought. It was then revealed that the necromancer was in fact Melron's twin brother Ardion. Ardion had once been a member of the Compendium Arcanum, but was thrown out due to dabbling in forbidden magics. Melron assured the party that Ardion was mostly likely dead, as he would not survive for very long on the home plane of those demons.

Gorun and Melron thanked the party for their efforts in dealing with Ardion and promised that further work for the city would be quite lucrative. After some negotiating the party and Gorun came to terms, putting the party now into the city's employ. In a private conversation between Yoralia and Melron, Yoralia's application to become a member of the Compendium Arcanum was accepted.

While the party went after the necromancer the city guard did not stand idly by. Gorun had sent a troop to go after the Dragonband bandits. Unfortunately their excursion was not such a resounding success. While they managed to defeat most of the bandits, a lot of guards lost their lives in the process and Anzin, the leader of the bandits, managed to escape. From talking to Stane, one of the surviving guardsmen, the party learned that Anzin was wielding a flaming warhammer, and that there was a mage amongst the bandits.





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