Providence's Torment

Ashes of Guilt

Session 9

Tiemsday, 16th Rainfall 1345 AF

The party leaves the city south-eastward out of the city, along the steep cliff coast. Over the day the cliff grows smaller and smaller until all there was left of it was a rocky beach. They set up Teron's funeral pyre next to a small river mouth. As it was already getting dark they also set up camp nearby.

There rest, however, was disturbed by a pack of wolves, led by an Ettin, and his two dire wolves. A few well placed fire arrows kept by Draenir and Mialee kept the wolves at bay, and allowed Zanna to talk to them and find out that these wolves did not come with good intentions. However, this distraction allowed Thorin, with Winter's help, to put on his full plate armour.

When the fight started the wolves were quickly dispatched and the Ettin surrendered soon after. He told the party he was send by Karash, the Powerful or Karash, the Red to follow two Ogres and the tracks eventually led him to them. The Etting further divulged information about Karash's location. He is situtated within the Thyran Woods close to where the two mountain ranges (The Eldritch Heights, and the Whispering Rise) meet. The party then struck the final blow to the Ettin out of fear he would report back to Karash.

Fensday, 17th Rainfall 1345 AF

After their ruff night the party made their way back to Stormcliff without any further surprises.

Sevsday, 18th Rainfall 1345 AF

The party met with Gorun in the morning to ask about the city guards further investigation into the bandits. While no sign of their leader was found, a few left behind documents indicated another mage, simply referred to as a silver wizard, was in play.

Their next course of action was to head back into the cave beneath the city, and continue their exploration beyond the stone circle. A quick stop at Mira's shop, however, was in order to see whether she had already finished Draenir's dragon armour. Unfortunately, Winter was a little to excited and when the shopkeep told them the armour wasn't ready yet and there was nothing that could be done to speed up the process, she resorted to threats and promptly got the party banned from shopping at Mira's again. Only, Draenir is allowed to return to pick up the armour, once it's finished.


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