Providence's Torment

Dangers in the Deep

Session 5

Sevsday, 12th Rainfall 1345 AF

It was a day of rest and preparation for the party. Provisions were purchased, those of the usual and those of a more unusual nature. Winter went to get herself a customized breastplate, with a white orchid engraved across the chest. Negotiations were hard, but she managed to come to an agreement with Mira Blackhammer's store clerk. Healing potions were also on the party's shopping list, but were deemed to expensive.

Draenir used his contacts in the Shroud to get his hands on some more exotic poison materials and spend the rest of the day preparing his deadly concoctions. Additionally to the ingredients Draenir was also interested in some information about Anzin and the Dragonband bandits. Hildo required payment upfront for the information as nothing is for free. Draenir begrudgingly agreed. In the end the information provided was not to Draenir's satisfaction, but Hildo closed the conversation with the immortal words: "Sometimes you make a good deal, and sometimes you make a bad deal."

Maelsday, 13th Rainfall 1345 AF

The following day it was time for Yoralia's induction into the Compendium Arcanum. She took the Acolyte's Oath in a public ceremony, which was rather well visited as the name of the party began to spread through the city after the attack of the demons.

After the ceremony the party prepared to take a boat trip at night into the harbor to lure whatever is abducting people out into the open. Winter's friend Khori from the tavern was willing to provide the party with a boat for the night. While silently drifting on the waters Draenir was putting out a lure and promptly caught a big Stormscale Salmon specimen. Not exactly the prey he was hoping for he continued fishing until something much stronger pulled on the lure. Draenir managed to stay put on the boat, but the beast would not let up. Rather than pulling on the lure the beast tried to bush the boat over, revealing itself to be a Lizardfolk in the process. Yoralia and Winter were thrown into the water. The lizardman quickly grabbed Yoralia and tried pulling her further down. With her last breath of air she managed to teleport herself out of the lizardman's grasp. Mialee and Draenir helped their partners back into the boat. The lizardman, however, would not let up and attacked the boat again. Yoralia was prepared though, as she crushed the lizardman's head with one single unleashing of her arcane powers.

The party put the body of the dead lizardmen into their Bag of Holding, and returned to the town to rest up for the night.


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