Providence's Torment


Session 6

Taithday, 14th Rainfall 1345 AF

When the party woke up in the morning they set out to deliver the dead Lizardman body to the city guard. Not wanting to give away the magical bag of holding in their possession, the party loaned Pedro, a donkey belonging to the Known Oysters Tavern, to carry the dead body.

After dropping the body off and informing the city guard of what had happened they went to Tilby, to get an experts opinion on the poorly drawn map they recovered from the Lizardman. After a quick investigation Tilby informed them that the map pointed towards an underground cave system, and that the entrance was most likely underwater beneath the Compendium Arcanum's chapter house.

Now that they knew where the cave was, the problem was getting there. The entrance was underwater and would either require them to hold their breath or find a way to breath underwater. Their initial thought was to go to the temple of Mael, where they found help indeed. Stormbringer Valeria made the proposition that 2 additional helpful soul could accompany the party. Torin was a priest of Mael himself and had ways to allow the party to breath underwater. Nulara was a druid of some skill and the water did not prove much of an obstacle for her.

With their new companions in tow, the party set out to investigate the underwater cave. They waited until nightfall before heading into the ocean with the help of Torin's magical necklace. Fighting against the weight of the water they managed to advance slowly until the found the entrance to the cave. Climbing inside they were greeted by darkness and an acidic smell. Draenir snuck ahead to scout out the cave and found pit, filled with dead, partially dissolved and eaten bodies.

The cause of the disfigured bodies and acidic smell quickly revealed itself, as Nerondraxis, a young black dragon, rose from its slumber. A vicious fight broke out between the party and the young dragon. Using all their resources and their wits they managed to kill the dragon before it could escape.


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