Providence's Torment

Ogre Trouble

Session 3

Taithday, 8th Rainfall 1345 AF

While resting up after the battle with the necromancer, the party noticed a pair of Ogres approaching the temple ruins. While Draenir and Mialee were hiding, as Ogres do find Elves quite delicious, Winter and Yoralia engaged the Ogres in conversation. They found out that the Ogres were sent here by Kharesh, the Powerful to look for Goblins and bring them back. After Draenir and Mialee successfully snuck out of sight of the Ogres, the party left making their way back towards Millfair.

Worsday, 9th Rainfall 1345 AF

During the night, the Ogres drunkenly walked into town causing quite a ruckus. They were looking for food. The party decided to lure the Ogres outside of town to prevent further damage to Millfair. Once outside of town a fight broke out and the party had to kill the Ogres.

After resting up once again, the party left in the morning back towards Stormcliff.



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