Providence's Torment

Troubled Stormcliff

Session 1

Maelsday, 7th Rainfall 1345 AF

Having just recently arrived in Stormcliff, Winter and Mialee, as well as Draenir and Yoralia found themselves in the Known Oysters Tavern, a middle class establishment. During the few days already spent in the city, they learned about the city's current issues: the Dragonband bandits roaming outside the city walls, a necromancer stealing fresh bodies, and a few strange unsolved disappearances.

During their evening in the tavern they noticed two of the Dragonband bandits. Feeling the urge to help, they decided to confront the bandits. A fight broke out, which was won however with the help of Stane and a few other guards. While one of the bandits could be captured the other found an untimely end.

The death of the bandit lured the necromancer to the tavern. Teleporting in with a pack of Goblins, the freshly formed party was overwhelmed. The necromancer quickly grabbed the dead body and disappeared again.

After resting up for a little bit Winter, Mialee, Draenir, and Yoralia decided to band to together and start fresh in the morning. They spent the morning gathering more information about the necromancer, and after coming to an agreement with Gorun, the guard captain, the party headed off to Millfair where Goblin sightings had been reported.


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