Providence's Torment

The Lair of the Necromancer

Session 2

Taithday, 8th Rainfall 1345 AF

The following morning the party set off towards an old ruined temple, a few hours outside Millfair, where the Goblins had been sighted. They approached cautiously, but nonetheless found themselves fighting the Goblins, which had set up camp inside the ruins.

After the fight they searched for clues as to the whereabouts of the necromancer. While most of the former temple was in ruins, some featureless statues of deformed and crippled people were still in good condition. In an old back room, the party discovered some stairs leading down, where they found the necromancer in the process of raising zombies.

A brutal fight broke out, which the necromancer only barely managed to escape via teleportation magic. Through Mialee's magic, however, the party knew that the necromancer was back in Stormcliff. Rather than rush off immediately they decided to further investigate the lair. They found the stolen bodies and burned them.

The ritual magic left behind by the necromancer seeped into stone statue resembling those upstairs in the temple, but this one was neither deformed or crippled. The statue asked the party for hand, but rather than give one the party decided to break off the statue's hand. The magic flowed back out of the statue and into the wall behind it, opening a secret room containing a single amulet, The Eye of Poliel.


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