Providence's Torment

Walk of Flame

Session 8

Worsday, 15th Rainfall 1345 AF

Finding their way back to the Known Oysters Tavern in the early morning, the party was eager to get some sleep. They woke up in the afternoon to an empty tavern as everyone was gone to participate in the midsummer festivities. The party quickly followed suit and found the marketplace abuzz with the sounds of music and people.

While walking over the marketplace they partook of the food and watched the challengers of the Walk of Flame. Winter and Yoralia were among the challengers. While Winter put in a valiant effort, she just could not take the pain anymore and fell unconscious before reaching the end. Yoralia, with some inspiration from Winter and her natural Tiefling resistance to fire managed to finish the Walk of Flame without breaking much of sweat. Winter's feet were in need of some immediate magical attention, which Thorin happily provided. While the worst damage was healed, Winter's feet were still in a very bad shape and would require continuous healing over the next few days.

Oruf, a large man of muscular statue, and previous challenger of the Walk of Flame witnessed Thorin's healing capabilities wanted some help for his feet as well. Thorin provided, but not before having Oruf agree to be in the party's debt.

After getting some crutches for Winter, the party continued walking across the marketplace and enjoying the festivities. They quickly noticed however, that they were being followed. Draenir vanished into the crowd and began stalking the stalker, an elderly human man wearing simple clothing and a tattered mantle. The man was clearly hiding something beneath it, but it was impossible to make out what. The party decided to lure him away from the festivities and took a turn into side alley. As soon as they entered the mouth of the street the man closed the distance and took a swing at Winter with a short sword, while shouting that they were no heroes as they did not manage to save his wife. Draenir, being quick on his feet lunged after him and stuck his venomous dagger into the man's back. The man sank to his knees and dropped dead.

The party was unsure of how to handle this particular situation and were clearly at odds. Winter and Yoralia wanted to try and see if they could help and be honest, while the rest took a more cautious approach and wanted to cover up what happened to avoid any murder accusations. Eventually they put the body in the bag of holding, cleaned up the blood and decided to keep what happened to themselves but provide Teron with an appropriate burial, and maybe offer amends to any remaining relatives. Either way the party's enjoyment of the festivities was ruined and they decided to retire back to the tavern. On the way they stopped and had a quick chat with Tilby.

Tiemsday, 16th Rainfall 1345 AF

The conversation with Tilby the day before, and a look through the city archives revealed Teron had a daughter called Brida, last seen In Ialdar.

The party also informed Gorun, about the cave underneath the city, filled with green Lizardmen, Kobolds and even a black Dragon. A little confused and worried how the cave could go unnoticed, Gorun asked the party to further investigate the caves and if possible to collapse the entrances. After the meeting, in preparation for their further adventures, the party used the different bits and pieces gathered from the dragon to craft trinkets and armors.

Their first point of order will take the party outside the city to provide Teron with a proper burial.


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