The continent of Arudien is named after the ancient Arudien Empire, which once spanned across the entire continent. From the ashes of the empire the current political regions arose.



The Stormlands are a combination of independent city states. There is no single ruler, yet when the Stormlands are threatened, the cities are quick to join together and fend off any invaders. They have proven their mettle countless times in their wars with the Riodan Kingdom and the Elven Balenos Kingdom, which have never managed a successful invasion.

Capital City: As the Stormlands have no single ruler there is no capital city, though many consider Ialdar, the Pearl of the South, to be the Stormlands’ unofficial capital. The dwarves from the mountain fortress Mogh Darul might disagree with that sentiment, but they do not complain too loudly.


Riodan Kingdom

A mostly human kingdom ruled by Queen Shariah, the Wise. She is the first Queen of the Riodan Kingdom in a long while, and is mostly responsible for keeping the kingdom together, by not being as power hungry as her male predecessors.

Capital City: Riod


Say Dynasty

The Say Dynasty used to be part of the Ray Dynasty. Disagreements between both dynasties however, led to the most spectacular split of Kingdoms in recent memory. The Say simply took their capital city and teleported it out of the Ray Dynasty into the Riodan Kingdom. The war between both Riodan and Say is still ongoing, but the Say managed to establish a strong foothold in the area. The Say and Ray Dynasties are mostly made up of Dragonborn.

Capital City: Say’kel



A clan-based warrior society. The Riodan Kingdom used to control large parts of the Seljalandsa territory, but their war with the Say Dynasty allowed the people of Seljalandsa to recapture those territories, and now acts as a buffer between both kingdoms.

Captial City: Osfjoll


Balenos Kingdom

Most of the Balenos Kingdom is covered in an enormous forest expanse. Which makes it difficult to invade, especially since the Elves that call it their home are suspicious of outsiders. They usually keep to themselves, apart from one time where they tried expanding into the Stormlands. They failed, but ever since then they have been expecting a retaliation strike. They are, however, being kept quite busy by the Vayn Magogracy.

Capital City: Sylvelean


Vayn Magocracy

The Vayn Magocracy is ruled by a council of 5 powerful mages. One of them an elf, exiled from the Balenos Kingdom. He is one of the main reasons why the Vayn Magocarcy keeps on trying to expand into the Balenos Kingdom.

Capital City: Malel


White Oblivion

White Oblivion is an icy wasteland. The ice is definitely of a magical nature, as the northern part of the continent is not cold enough to have snow and ice all year round. Which is why the area is mostly devoid of life.


Khar Dominion

Nomadic Dwarves roam through the lands of the Khar Dominion, raiding Dragonborn settlements from the Ray Dynasty. Occasionally they even take to the sea and invade the islands.

Capital City: As the Khar are mostly nomadic they do not really have a capital city. Echon is their Holy Place, that each tribe has to visit at least once a year.


The Untamed Wilds

The Untamed Wilds are an area where a lot of the beasts are still in charge. The creatures filling these wilds are too dangerous for the lands to be settled.


Ruati Enclave

The Ruati Enclave is a land of religious zealots that mostly kept to themselves, until the rise of the Vragon Empire.

Capital City: Ruawani


Vragon Empire

The Vragon Empire is a different religious faction that split from the Ruati Enclave. Both are now at each other’s throats.

Capital City: Aestu


Ray Dynasty

The Ray Dynasty is a collection of islands inhabited by mostly Dragonborn. They try to expand off the islands but are mostly held back by infighting, which also led to the Say Dynasty splitting off.

Capital City: Ray’is


Cursed Isles

The Cursed Isles are a collection of islands that are completely lifeless. No one that ever ventured there has ever returned.


Zeoran Empire

The island used to be quite similar to the Stormlands, being mainly made up of independent city states. Slowly but surely, however, the Zeoran Empire spread out over the island bringing the cities under its rule. Communication to the mainland has stopped, and trading ties have been abandoned.

Capital City: Zeor


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