Providence's Torment

The Shadow's Secrets

Session 10

Sevsday, 18th Rainfall 1345 AF

Before setting out to venture back into the underground cave beneath Stormcliff, the party went and got themselves a few pickaxes and a few vials of Alchemist's fire. These tools should come in handy when trying to collapse the entries to the cave, as agreed with Gorun.

Back inside the cave, they first further investigated it before heading back into the other realm through the stone circle. There were a couple more larger caverns apart from the one, where they fought the black dragon. Both caverns housed some remnants of their former habitants, the kobolds and lizardmen, but nothing more.

Using the same play of the light and darkness on the stone circle the party opened up the portal. Stepping through, they were once again in the bleak parallel world. Remember the shadowy dragon form in one part of the cavern they decided to investigate the rest first, following the fleshy breathing vines across the walls deeper inside. As they continued on the vines on the walls grew ever more dense until the rocky walls beneath were no longer visible. Eventually the vines even covered the ground, which made walking even more difficult.

While cautiously walking towards the open cave, which housed the kobolds in their world, the party heard noises and murmurings. Draenir and Winter scouted ahead. They entered the cave and saw it entirely covered with these vines. In the far end of the cavern, there was an old mausoleum, and in the middle of the cave there was a black and white statue with feathery wings. Draenir and Winter continued walking into the cave, wanting to take a closer look at the statue. However, after only a few steps Draenir suddenly couldn't walk anymore, and the cause of the murmurings revealed itself. Three slimy, fleshy masses of eyes and mouths crawled out of the vines and started attacking the group, felling Winter in one fell swoop. Thorin's healing magic managed to prevent the worst from happening though. Zanna had been knocked out during the fight and would not wake up after those abominations had been slain. Even Thorin dropped unconscious after the fight. Yoralia managed to reveal though, that both Thorin and Zanna were affected by some kind of magic.

They did not get the chance to investigate further as the statue came to life and attacked the group claiming to be a guardian and that they were intruding. The creature, however, was clearly mad as it kept incoherently laughing throughout the battle and not very open to conversation. But in its madness the creature was no match to group and eventually faded into nothingness.

After dragging the unconscious bodies of Thorin and Zanna back out of the cave und putting up a shelter, Draenir, Yoralia and Mialee went back to investigate the mausoleum. All the vines seemed to originate from the mausoleum. As they got closer they saw the coloured glass windows where the vines had broken through. Some imagery of the windows was still recognizable. One part looked like a kneeling tiefling, and another looked like a dismembered body. Inside the mausoleum was one single sarcophagus. It was Yoralia that heard a voice in her head asking to be freed, as it had been imprisoned unjustly by the gods eons ago.

After debating with the rest of the group, even Thorin and Zanna who woke up from their deep slumber. The decision fell to open the sarcophagus and free whatever was inside. Inside was skeletal hand and forearm with only a very thin layer of rotten flesh left. The hand attached to Yoralia's necklace, changing it, rendering it more powerful. And then, everyone blacked out.



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